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Happy International Maritime Day!

The International Maritime Day:

Seafarers: at the core of shipping´s future.

With the aim to recognize the contribution of the maritime industry in the world economy, an industry that participates with 90% of the international trade of goods, the United Nations (UN), in collaboration with the International Maritime Organization (IMO), founded an annual celebration: The International Maritime Day.

Every year the focus highlights different realities within the maritime industry. This time on the International Maritime Day, the attention is on those who make the transportation on seas and the operations offshore possible: the seafarers. This year IMO promotes the goal to make the countries all around the world designate seafarers as key workers, recognizing their efforts and participation in the economy.

There are many challenges that seafarers face during their work on board or during their transit to the vessels, constituting some of them: piracy, pandemics, digitalization and automation, and their own wellbeing. But this year, the most challenging situation for the seafarers became the COVID pandemic. This pandemic brought with it some new issues: tests, quarantine time and less time home. These circumstances require goodwill from the personnel to make it possible to continue operations, even sacrificing their time and placing their health at risk.

To recognize the effort of all who are involved, of all those who are making possible the operations with their expertise and professionalism, and of all those who take the vessel to any part of the world where her cargo is expected, maintaining the vessel in a safe position, and conducting safe navigation, we celebrate the International Maritime Day.

We cannot leave behind the fact that we are living in an era full of transformations, and the words safety, diversity and environment are on everyone´s lips. New ideas come across, and they are coming with digitalization and the search for new sources of energy. The exponentially growing wind industry has become one of the hopes for our future as renewable source of energy and makes the presence of qualified professionals absolutely necessary. With the offshore wind industry, thousands of new positions are being created, and we rely on the experience of those who already work offshore.

Furthermore, digitalization and automation are increasing day by day, and the development of new technologies requires new training and a lot of effort. A new era of digitalization and training expects the energy of all, for all of us and for the generations to come, to make our future better.

For those, who are behind all the operations and many times forgotten beside the project. For those, who make possible the completion of the projects that are so important to face the reality of today´s world´s problematics. For those, we take this opportunity to recognize their efforts and work behind the scenes.

So let´s take a moment to recognize those who make all this possible.

Seafarers: who continue to deliver their expertise and professionalism with more challenges every day.

Seafarers: who permanently show absolute determination in delivering the best results.

Without them, nothing of this would be possible.

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