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TMWC operates in the Shipping and Offshore Wind industry as well as the insurance market.

  • Condition surveys 

  • ISM / ISPS / MLC audits 

  • P&I inspections 

  • Flag state inspections 

  • Cargo surveys

Front part of the ship after collision.j

The shipping industry is one of the largest industries which spans the entire world. This industry is not only one of the largest industries, but it is also one of the most dangerous industries. Crews, ships and cargoes are exposed to the most adverse environmental conditions every day. In order to withstand these conditions, crews must be well-educated and trained, ships must be in technically good condition, and cargo must be properly stowed and secured.  


In order to ensure that these measures are adhered to, rules and regulations must be followed, standards must be in place for the safety of life at sea, ship-building, the technical operation of ships and for the protection of the maritime environment. These rules and regulations must be observed by all shipping nations and all shipping companies. For shipping companies, it is an ongoing challenge to ensure that these standards are met every day. Furthermore, shipping companies being required to meet these standards, insurers, flag states and port states are quite keen on having these standards met, as well.


The Marine Way provides maritime services for shipping companies, insurers, flag and port states and financiers to support them in their day-to-day business to make sure that the shipping companies comply with these rules and regulations. The Marine Way offers support for shipping companies to be pro-active in the improvement of their safety and technical management systems onshore and on-board their ships and in respect to loss prevention and protection of the environment.

  • Condition surveys 

  • Damage surveys 

  • Casualty investigations  

  • Repair costs assessments 

The insurance market plays an important role in global transport and trade. Without a functioning insurance market, global transport and trade would no longer be conceivable.  The insurable interests arising from shipping are covered by various insurances. The interests of the ship are covered by a hull & machinery insurance (H&M) against the perils of the sea. To verify the risks, it is very important for the H&M insurer to know the quality standard of the vessel and the actual condition. Therefore, the H&M insurer initiates a take-over condition survey to verify the actual condition of the vessel and whether all class and statutory requirements are adhered to. After damages to the vessel (e.g. structural or engine damages) occur,  the H&M insurers start an investigation to ascertain the cause, extent and costs of the damages which are to be paid to the insured party provided that such is covered under the insurance policy.       


The Marine Way provides service for the insurance market and the shipping market. As a service provider in the field of marine consulting, we always have insurance protection in mind in addition to technical consulting. With The Marine Way, insurers and ship owners have a reliable partner at their side who also has sound practical experience in the application of the insurance terms and conditions and takes these into account when determining the cause and extent of the damage. As you may suspect, behind every seemingly, "purely" technical question, there is nearly always an insurance dimension needing consideration. We keep an eye on both - that is what distinguishes us from the rest.  

  • Marine warranty survey (MWS) - independent third-party review and approval of planning, design and execution of high-risk marine operations  

  • Towage approval of maritime transports  

  • Risk assessments and analyses of maritime transport and installation operations 

  • Preparation and review of project documentation of maritime transport and installation operations 

  • Suitability surveys of tugs, barges, floating cranes, jack-up vessels etc. 

  • CMID inspections 

  • Damage surveys 

  • Casualty investigations  

  • Marine Consultant for all transport and installation operations 

  • Client representation 

  • HSE inspections 

The offshore wind industry has experienced rapid growth in recent years. For the last ten years, this sector has been one of the fastest-growing and most dynamic economic sectors in Germany and Europe. New wind farms are being planned, built and connected to the power grid worldwide. The demand and proportion of renewable energy is increasing day by day. With the steady increase in the number of wind farms and the resulting installed capacities, the demand for installation capacities, maintenance and repair as well as for other technical services is also steadily increasing.


The Marine Way provides its services for wind farm developers and builders, shipping companies, insurers, authorities and financiers as well as other parties involved in the offshore wind industry.  

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