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Client Representation

Welcome to our Client Representation service! We offer highly experienced and specialized expert oversight for maritime and offshore wind transport, installation, and maintenance projects onshore and offshore. TMWC's consultants represent you on-site, acting as your eyes and ears while safeguarding your best business interests.

Our services


On behalf of the clients, we supervise all onshore and offshore operations carried out by their contractors and sub-contractors during entire projects. We ensure that clients' expectations are fulfilled during all project stages and that operations comply with all applicable documentation requirements and industrial standards. We work closely with all stakeholders and actively participate in efficient planning, execution, and successful project delivery. We attend and witness defined key activities in high-risk operations such as load outs and installations to ensure that all contractors and subcontractors follow the high safety standards.

Transport and Installation(T&I)

We specialize in overseeing all aspects of T&I processes during offshore wind farms' construction, operation, and maintenance (O&M). This includes:

  •  Land and maritime transportation

  • Load-out and lifting operations

  • Installation of foundations, turbines, and converter stations

  • Cable installation

  • Grouting operation

  • Component exchanges

  • Repairs, such as cable and underwater repairs

  • Inspections

Our service ensures that transport and installation processes are executed accurately and efficiently, adhering to project requirements and industry standards. 

Your benefits


Oversight and Guidance

We safeguard our clients' interests throughout the project lifecycle by overseeing critical operations and providing expert guidance to stakeholders. Through close communication, we keep the clients informed about all activities, deviations, or delays to enable quick intervention. Our consultants' profound knowledge and experience allow them to reinforce best practices, solve challenges on clients' behalf, and enable them to make well-informed decisions.

Interdisciplinary Competency

Our consultants, comprising qualified master mariners, engineers, inspectors, and dynamic positioning officers, possess extensive industry experience in shipping, wind offshore, and insurance sectors. These multidisciplinary competencies provide them with a comprehensive understanding of various aspects of their clients' projects and enable them to adeptly solve complex technical challenges, assess operational efficiency, and provide expert insights that always prioritize our clients' best interests.

Compliance and Sustainability

We actively monitor and enforce compliance with project requirements, industry regulations, and environmental standards and practices on behalf of our clients. Through our services, we instill a culture of responsible practices enhancing our clients' reputation and foster long-term sustainability in the industry.

Your contact

Capt. Ralf Trützschler is an expert Marine Consultant with over 30 years of experience in shipping, offshore wind, and insurance. He is your dedicated contact for our consulting services. Get in touch!

Portrait of Capt. Ralf Trützschler, a Marine Consultant with over 30 years of experience in shipping, offshore wind, and insurance.
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