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CMID Inspection

Welcome to our CMID Inspection services! The Common Marine Inspection Document (eCMID) by the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) offers a standardized framework for vessel inspection for marine and offshore industries. By adhering to this comprehensive format, we enhance safety, operational efficiency, and compliance across the industry while promoting consistency reducing the need for repeated inspections.

Our services


We are your trusted partner in providing eCMID inspection services for the following vessels and structures:

General Vessels (G)

eCMID inspections are conducted for all vessels exceeding 500 gross tonnage (GRT) and/or with a length of 24 meters or more based on IMCA M 149.

Jack-Up Vessels (JU)

Our consultants possess special qualifications to conduct eCMID inspections for jack-up vessels. These types of vessels are self-elevated units with movable legs frequently employed in construction projects in the offshore industry.

Dynamic Positioning Vessels (DP)

We provide eCMID inspections for Dynamic Positioning (DP) vessels that use advanced technology to remain in position without anchoring. These inspections are conducted by our trained inspectors, including DP operators.

Marine Inspections of Small Workboats (MISW)

eMISW inspections apply to vessels with less than 500 gross tonnage and/or less than 24 meters in length as part of the eCMID system and adhere to IMCA M 189. 

Your benefits


IMCA Accredited Vessel Inspectors (AVI)

Completing IMCA's eCMID accreditation scheme, complemented by ongoing training, certifies our consultants as Accredited Vessel Inspectors (AVI). Their professionalism and experience allow us to provide eCMID inspections with the highest quality standards.


Accessible Documentation

Only AVIs are authorized to upload inspection reports to the eCMID online database. This enhances credibility and improves the accessibility of these reports, reducing the necessity for repeated inspections.

Standardized Assessments

The Common Marine Inspection Document IMCA M 149 and the Common Marine Inspection Document for Small Workboats IMCA M 189 enable standardized assessments for offshore vessels and structures worldwide. This results in the generation of comprehensive and comparable reports.

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Your contact

Capt. Ala Franz-Hnatiuk is an experienced Marine Consultant and eCMID inspector (AVI). She is your dedicated contact for our marine assurance services. Get in touch!

Portrait of Capt. Ala Franz-Hnatiuk, a Marine Consultant and eCMID inspector (AVI)
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