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Hatch Cover Ultrasonic Tightness Testing

Welcome to our Hatch Cover Ultrasonic Tightness Testing (HCUT) services! We offer independent testing services for vessel hatch cover integrity and tightness to assist clients in ensuring the functionality of the hatch covers, preventing any damage to the cargo.

Our services

HCUT testing for P&I Clubs, Shipowners, and Charters 

HCUT testing is provided to P&I Clubs, shipowners, and charterers to assess the weathertight integrity of hatch covers and prevent cargo damage during sea transport.


Over 40% of all P&I claims result from damaged cargo, and water ingress from hatch covers is the primary contributor since even small amounts of water can cause extensive damage. Therefore, regularly inspecting and testing cargo hatch covers is crucial, especially before loading cargo susceptible to water damage.


TMWC offers an Ultrasonic Tightness Test for testing hatch cover tightness, as it is the only method that provides measurable results necessary for accurately assessing hatch cover conditions. HCUT testing allows for easy and unobtrusive checking of hatch tightness using a portable ultrasonic emitter and receiver. The equipment used by TMWC is produced by SDT Ultrasound Solutions and is specifically designed for this task.

Your benefits


Risk Mitigation 

HCUT testing is a preventive measure to mitigate financial risks from cargo damage and is, therefore, highly valuable for P&I Clubs, shipowners, and charterers.

Certified by Lloyds Register

TMWC is a Lloyd's Register certified provider of HCUT testing, adhering to the applicable standards of IACS and the requirements of P&I Clubs. TMWC consultants are highly qualified, having completed a certified training course accredited by the Nautical Institute or received training from an in-house trainer.

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Your contact

Dipl.-Ing. Caspar Hickmott is an experienced Marine Engineer highly skilled in structural analysis and design. He is your dedicated contact for our engineering services. Get in touch!

Portrait of Dipl.-Ing. Caspar Hickmott, a Marine Engineer highly skilled in structural analysis and design
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