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Suitability Survey

Welcome to our Suitability Survey service! We assess and evaluate the appropriateness of marine offshore units, equipment, or facilities for a specific purpose or operation within the maritime and offshore industry. This type of survey is performed to ensure that the marine unit or equipment in question meets the necessary operational, safety, environmental, and regulatory requirements for the intended task and operation.

Our services


Suitability Surveys for Marine and Offshore operation

Evaluating whether an offshore installation vessel, cable laying vessel, CTV, or any other marine unit suits a specific operation or project task entails assessing various factors, including structural integrity, functionality, navigation and operational capabilities, and adherence to prevailing industry standards.

This also includes the evaluation of the suitability of specialized equipment for their designated tasks, such as cranes, lifting systems, mooring systems, or subsea equipment and machinery. 

This assessment ensures optimal and efficient deployment and availability of the marine units and equipment for the specific task and operation while complying with applicable industry safety and operational standards.

Your benefits


Risk Mitigation and Efficiency

Suitability surveys mitigate operational and financial risks by identifying appropriate assets for the intended operation and enhancing efficiency by supporting optimized resource allocation.

Regulatory Compliance

Suitability surveys confirm that the assets employed align with industry standards and regulatory requirements for their designated tasks and operational conditions.

Your contact

Capt. Ala Franz-Hnatiuk is an experienced Marine Consultant and eCMID inspector (AVI). She is your dedicated contact for our marine assurance services. Get in touch!

Portrait of Capt. Ala Franz-Hnatiuk, a Marine Consultant and eCMID inspector (AVI)
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