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Condition Survey

Welcome to our Condition Survey services! We conduct independent surveys of vessels' hull and machinery (H&M), equipment, certification status, and management systems to assess their current functionality and condition for various clients and purposes.

Our services

Surveys for Owners, Charters, Insurers (H&M / P&I) and Investors

Suitability surveys are conducted on behalf of shipowners, charterers, insurers, and investors to assess risks and hazards associated with the condition of ships, enabling informed decisions regarding the vessels' operation, deployment, chartering, investment, and insurance coverage. Comprehensive information about the vessel's condition is crucial for determining operational and maintenance needs, evaluating operational and financial risks, and assessing the asset's value.


During the condition survey, a thorough examination of the physical and technical condition of the vessel is carried out, encompassing structural integrity, engine and equipment functionality, safety systems, accommodations, and living facilities. The survey also involves checking the class status, the ISM management system, and the vessel's manning to verify compliance with applicable international standards and flag requirements, ensuring all systems are implemented correctly and work reliably on board.

Your benefits


Risk Mitigation and Informed Decision-Making

Condition surveys mitigate financial risks by enabling informed decision-making before the conclusion of contracts regarding purchases, chartering, or insurance coverage.

Interdisciplinary competency 

Our surveyors, comprised of qualified master mariners, engineers, and naval architects, bring extensive experience in shipping, offshore wind, and insurance. With this multidisciplinary expertise, they comprehensively understand ship operation, assess the vessel's physical condition, and evaluate onboard management effectiveness. Their insights reflect both technical and organizational aspects, treating the vessel as a multi-complex man-machine system.

Your contact

Capt. Ala Franz-Hnatiuk is an experienced Marine Consultant and eCMID inspector (AVI). She is your dedicated contact for our marine assurance services. Get in touch!

Portrait of Capt. Ala Franz-Hnatiuk, a Marine Consultant and eCMID inspector (AVI)
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